How long do retainers last?

Retainers are the most important part of the orthodontic journey. They help maintain the position of your teeth after you are done with braces or clear aligners– ensuring your smile stays perfect forever! However, even though they are for life, retainers don’t technically last forever.

How Long Do Retainers Last?

The lifespan of a retainer depends significantly on several factors, with the most crucial being how well they are taken care of. For most patients, a retainer will last between 2 to 7 years. However, this duration can vary based on your individual habits and the type of retainer.

Factors Affecting Retainer Longevity:

Material: Retainers are made from different materials, including plastic and metal. The type of material can influence how long the retainer lasts. We make our clear retainers in the office with a durable plastic material. 

Oral Habits: If you clench or grind your teeth at night, you might find that your retainer will wear down sooner. 

Maintenance: Proper care, such as regular cleaning and safe storage, can extend the life of your retainer. It is important to follow all instructions given when you get your retainers. 

Caring for Your Retainer

To maximize the lifespan of your retainer, follow these care tips:

Clean Regularly: Clean your retainer daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water. You can use the ultrasonic cleaners from Amazon or Retainer Brite tablets as well. Avoid hot water and toothpaste. 

Storage: When not in use, keep your retainer in its case to protect it from heat and damage. Also avoid napkins or they will end up in the trash!

Our Retainer Warranty Program

We understand life happens sometimes and you may need a replacement. We are excited to offer our Retainer Warranty Program. This program ensures that you are never without a properly fitting retainer!  : ) 

Program Details:

 The program is available to all of our orthodontic patients. You are entitled to one free set of clear retainers each year for five years. To qualify, bring your 3D printed dental model during your annual visit. This warranty is part of our commitment to ensuring that your smile remains beautiful long after your treatment is complete. For more details or to enroll in the Retainer Warranty Program, please contact our office In Escondido or ask us during your next appointment. : )