Why does my child need an Orthodontic Consult even when they still have baby teeth?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommend for children to have their first exam with an Orthodontist at age 7. 

Why so soon?

This does not mean they get their braces or start Orthodontic treatment necessarily at age 7❗️❗️

At the initial consultation, we take a Panoramic X-Ray to ensure that the adult teeth are erupting properly. We also examine the upper and lower jaws and see if they are growing correctly in relation to each other. 

Most importantly, we like to establish a relationship with the child and parents. If they are not ready for early treatment, we will monitor them each year as they grow. If there are no issues early on, the child could wait until later when all adult teeth are in and get full braces or aligners when older.

If there is something severe, or an indication to start early treatment at a young age, we will do what we call Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment, which prevents more severe issues later on for the patient. 🙏🏽

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